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Crypto Space Commander Review
(Updated: April 26, 2020)
This is an early access review.
The first thing that is just present, of course, the store with loot boxes or crates, and other shiny items having a whooping up to $500 bucks for some virtual coins. I think it looks like it's going to start really well.....
There doesn't seem to be a full tutorial, so it's kind of hard to guess what to do...
Well, the soundtrack does not sound all too bad for starting off. The graphics and animations are looking pretty fine too. Then let's open the marketplace and see what we can find. And there is an enormous amount of "things" but without actually knowing what I need or whatever I can do with that stuff its kind op pointless. But let's try anyway. 
The spaceship in the space flying looks cool, but can I even do anything. 
It's not really intuitive to find how and what can be done. Well, I can choose a Mission to go on, or buy something, a ship maybe. Then you just start to realize that you have to pull out your Creditcard first before good things happen. I can't go on the missions either, because first got to throw in some in-game currency.
It's all so boring and actually nothing to do. Oh, wait, maybe throw in some money to be able to do something. Flying to some astroid groups seeing just some glitchy graphics now, and just fly through all the asttroids...?! After about 2hours of not really finding something useful to do, I have enough of this experience.

Overall this game doesn't pull me in, not at all. Just a lot of useless massive quantity of stuff that's not really necessary. But it feels dull and boring somehow. Key features seem to be buying Credits and stuff... It looks like a triple a game but doesn't feel like that. It's strange because it all sounds so great, but then it isn't at all when playing. Probably there's just a too massive amount of stuff to have, collect craft, but no good gameplay or use for all that somehow. 
For today also I can't even get the game running.. Why put up a half baked game on steam that you even have to pay for to download and further pay for everything else. What for? Get the game halfway done then make it accessible for money.
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