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The most stable coin?
Since the cryptocurrency boom, it was ethereum that stood at the 2nd spot when it comes to market cap, proving to be a tough competitor of the likes of bitcoin, ripple, bitcash etc. Having used it for transactions, I found it super fast as compared to the bitcoin transactions. Maybe this is the reason it is giving a hard time to other cryptocurrency developers.  
 However, I along with a lot of investors put some real money and invested in the ethereum for it was considered the most stable currency in terms of its value. Whenever bitcoin, ripple etc used to turn bearish reaching to a new level of lows, ethereum used to lose only a few dollars in its value-rightfully getting the title of the most stable currency. But ever since the cryptocurrency fiasco, it seems as if ethereum is following the trail of the other coins reaching new lows! But let's see how with the time, ethereum sky-rockets or plunges in the near future. As far as its success is concerned, many investors as well as corporations have put their weight behind this stable-or-not-so-stable coin. It seems it is here to stay for a long time. But only time will tell!
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