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LEO Token
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Token Economics that works
I've seen several crypto research companies come up with report that LEO token might have the chance to become a top contender in the crypto coin world. It is said to have the best token economics among all currently available cryptocurrency. 
It basically has the best benefits for users across the iFinex portfolio including Bitfinex, Ethfinex, EOSfinex and others. The best part is that Bitfinex  gives LEO traders discounts on trading, withdrawal lending and on other fees. 
Even more, analysts can perform traditional valuation methods on LEO to determine its worth, and this is because of its more structured token economics. 
Also, the LEO token uses the iFinex platform for exchanges. and holders' fees are reduced by 15% on Bitfinex and takers get a reduced 10% on all crypto-to-crypto pairs. So, I basically get faster transaction and reduced fees. Who doesn't want that?
Bitfinex recently announced a burn initiative on LEO tokens which means iFinex will purchase all of the LEO tokens in circulation at market prices. The company will also be launching a transparency dashboard which will provide real time analysis into all the LEO token transactions and burn.  This collaboration just shows that LEO Token are making moves so that it can last the test of time.

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