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Mother of all Cryptocurrencies
(Updated: May 17, 2019)
What is there to say... Mother of all cryptocurrencies. To keep it short this is definitely one of the coins that will or has found its way to become a global payment solution or a store of value. The future will tell. As though I also think as great as Bitcoin is, there are some issues that must be solved by Bitcoin itself or any upcoming currency.
One of the biggest issues I see is the 51% attack. Likely hard to be done on Bitcoin right now, but has already happened for other coins. As I am a software developer, I see this as a vulnerability. There should never be any not fix(able) vulnerability in Software, especially if it should act as a global monetary system . 

So overall Bitcoin is here to stay (If you like it or not), and will always be the mother of all cryptocurrencies.
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