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Not Bitcoin, but yet another great use case
(Updated: May 16, 2019)
I don't really understand the problems a lot of people have with Ripple/XRP. It's OK that not every blockchain is open and decentralized etc. I'm OK with that, as the great thing about this new technology is that everyone can participate and build whatever they want. You don't wanna use it, don't use it. Simply your freedom of choice.

 Ripple has dedicated themselves to solve a specific use case, that's important, not just some "to the moon" claims. They are doing a fantastic job trying to improve current payment solutions/technology. Foremost I like having problems being solved using this new tech, that is it what will bring a great future for blockchain.

I definitely prefer any centralized project/leadership, done by great people that I think do a great job solving issues, rather than stupid, childish and simple-minded people creating decentralized projects.

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