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Clash of Coins - Review
(Updated: October 15, 2020)
The name is obvious from where that came from. But also pretty much matches the idea behind the game. So at first sight, this seems to be a really fun concept. What's the "best" cryptocurrencies, the everlasting question going on since the birth of the first altcoin.
Decentralized? You require an account to get started.
Getting Crypto rewards? Sounds great.
Nice, good user interface. You'll get some CoC, the in-game token to start with. Nice to start without pulling out the wallet first.
Nice tutorial in the beginning. Things that are often missing in other games.

Let's do the test, as you quickly, of course, run out of CoC and need to refill your wallet. Payments can be made directly, with a credit card, Changelly, or put it on your assigned wallet.
So thinking to myself, starting a new a game, and without doing much you're confronted with how to put your money in the game before you can actually get started, kind of gets me to the deeper core of the game I guess...

Strangely I can not convert my eth to CoC. Only 0.008, but that is probably due to the network fees being very high at the moment. So doing the math 3750 CoC Would cost me 1 ETH. So that would not even get me a "Federation" building to put on the territory that will give me some advantages.
With a deposit of 0.02 ETH, I can exchange it for 27 CoC. That is 6$ worth of ETH for actually nothing in return. Another "dApps getting worse than mobile gaming" game.
On the Technical side, Is there any contract for this game in the background? Any logic on the blockchain that makes this a dApp?

Well, I guess not. So not a dApp, just another massive greed attack that ruins the name of blockchain and dApps. As the prices are horrible, greedy BS. The idea is really cool. Maybe someone will come and make a game from this idea, not a microtransactions scheme labeled with "dApp". Lots of promises, sozial gaming plattform, utility token. Big words for a greedy little moneymaking system with a game built in it.

So I guess it already ended here after a couple of minutes, as I'm not willing to throw in a pile of cash just to be able to play a decent little game.

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