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Possible BTC price move less than 3 hours! Bitcoin whisperer & TA timing analysis 04-01-2020
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Probably the worst TA ever
(Updated: December 16, 2020)
Probably the worst TA ever. Think there is a misunderstanding between technical analysis and technical prediction. It's simply just the worst channel out there.
Be aware. There is some kind of obsession with Fibonacci circles, thinking, this is a quote of this guy "Fibcircles are like insider trading". All of his predictions are mostly so horribly wrong. Kept calling for a bitcoin crash to 1k for months. It's mostly just a massive amount of circles and other indicators he draws and every line being hit, he thinks that it was because of that line. 
Well, if you have hundreds of lines on the chart, every move will hit some line.
Look at what all real trades do and compare the simplicity they use to this massacre of TA, and you will probably notice a huge issue. Mostly it's like his name stands for optical-art. Art is the right word to describe it.
He even sells subscriptions for all that fun stuff. Just be aware, don't just follow any fool. Follow real, known, and good traders to see how things really work, not some "Art" Technical analysis.
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