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Obelisk Inc.

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United States

A healthy, competitive PoW ecosystem is crucial to the operation of cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin and Siacoin. But in mid-2017, the PoW mining market was dominated by a monopoly that embraced deception and secrecy while prioritizing immediate corporate profits over customer service and basic decency.

We therefore launched Obelisk in June 2017, aiming to shine a light of transparency into the opaque mining ecosystem and offer a trusted alternative to the monopoly.

Obelisk designs and manufactures PoW mining hardware. We currently produce ASIC miners for Siacoin and Decred, and we will ultimately produce miners for most PoW cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin. Obelisk prioritizes transparency, customer service, and good design. We are based in Boston, and our hardware is manufactured in the United States.

Our goal is to create a strong, healthy PoW ecosystem. This means open-sourcing all our work, including software and hardware. This means only self-mining for testing purposes and not competing with our customers. And this means publishing content to increase transparency in a historically secretive industry.

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